Enter your family before 23 July 2017 and be in the running to compete against three other families to build a foam block house on the field at halftime at a BNZ Crusaders game. First family to finish wins $10,000 from BNZ.

Keep it for a nest egg, use it towards a deposit on a real home, or pay off a chunk of your mortgage and a BNZ wealth advisor will help you decide how best to invest it for your family.

Four chosen families will compete at each of the possible BNZ Crusaders home games:
  • Super Rugby Semi-Final, played on either 28 or 29 July 2017;
  • Super Rugby Final, played on 5 August 2017.

If the Crusaders don’t participate in either or both of the above Games the competition will not take place for that Game(s).

Your family of four needs to include two kids (3-13 years old) and two adults (14+ years old). The family group is limited to four people and can include family members and friends. See terms and conditions for specific entry requirements.